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Tony Haslam: #TheWorldNeedsMore

Aug 19 Posted by Noelle Wright

The world needs more effective and accountable governing bodies that foster community stability. Without stability there is no long-lasting development. And without real development there is no lasting stability. Good governance inclusive of all communities will help the international community achieve its goal of a world without extreme poverty and extremist violence. ... more

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Jo Anne Yeager Sallah: #TheWorldNeedsMore

Aug 19 Posted by Noelle Wright

The world needs more fully inclusive communities. Working with cashew producers in Senegal and The Gambia, I’ve seen first hand the incredible resourcefulness and creativity of women who, through their involvement in cashew processing and marketing, have the opportunity to contribute to their communities through market-based activities.  Protecting the human rights of ev... more

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Themos Ntasis: #TheWorldNeedsMore…

Aug 19 Posted by Noelle Wright

The world needs more commitment to protect the environment, the ultimate source of a community’s wealth.   Many communities rely on natural resources for their income and sustenance, from rainwater to basic agriculture.   Responsible partnerships with the private sector can develop creative methods to better monetize these basic economic activities and increase the capac... more

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Celebrating Communities: World Humanitarian Heroes

Aug 18 Posted by Kris Manos, Interim President and CEO

World Humanitarian Day celebrates the spirit that infuses humanitarian work around the globe. This year the United Nations and its partners are profiling ”humanitarian heroes,” individuals committed to making a difference, sometimes at great personal sacrifice and risk. IRD has many humanitarian heroes. They have long worked with communities to prevent or m... more

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A Challenge to See the Glass Whole

Aug 5 Posted by Kris Manos, Interim President and CEO

In last week’s blog, I reflected on some of the factors that keep organizations like IRD strong: we need to stay true to our mission, maintain a healthy culture, and focus on nimble execution and achieving optimal results. This week I’d like to expand on the discussion of healthy culture. As I said, healthy cultures are open, transparent, and ethical in the... more