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Thoughts on Change Resilience

Oct 13 Posted by Kris Manos, President and CEO

Our project to revitalize IRD and strengthen our culture of compliance and ethics adds stress to our already busy and continuously evolving operating environment. I’m confident we’ll successfully face these challenges and thrive. Yet success will require all of us to change – how we define our jobs, how we work, and how we act. Change on this scale may seem overw... more

A Ray of Hope

Oct 10 Posted by Prem Sagar

In many places around the world, people are dying not because their governments cannot treat them. Rather, their governments have yet to value their lives as worth saving. Sometimes when I think about the atrocities endured by people in the developing world child labor in Bangladesh, maternal mortality in Mozambique, refugees in the Middle East, internally dis... more

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Support for Iraqi Minorities, IDPs Fleeing ISIS

Oct 7 Posted by IRD HQ

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken control of large areas of northern Iraq, including several important cities and towns. Nearly a million people have fled ISIS-controlled areas and entered Erbil, Dohuk, and surrounding areas. The Yazidi and Assyrian minorities communities have been especially hard hit by the conflict, and hundreds of famil... more

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Ebola Response Update

Oct 6 Posted by IRD HQ

The  Ebola epidemic is now a top national security priority for the United States, which is working with the United Nations and other international partners, and the governments of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal to respond. IRD is also helping with the response by coordinating with donors, transportation companies, and partners on the gr... more

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What “A Culture of Compliance” Means

Sep 5 Posted by Kris Manos, President and CEO

At its simplest, compliance refers to our doing something that we have been asked to do. In an organizational setting, we are required to comply with our internal policies and procedures. We also must comply with US laws and regulations, and those of the countries where we operate. We must comply with our donors’ requirements that the funds entrusted to the... more