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Hazem Finds a New Life in Jordan

Posted on March 4, 2013 by John Engels

Hazen repairs a laptop. We all start our careers hoping for the best, live our lives as best we can, and expect that our efforts will be repaid. Hazem, the father and sole provider for five children, did the same. He arrived in Jordan from Iraq in 2011, having left due to sectarian threats.

In Jordan Hazem had to find work to provide for his family. He is a truck driver, but in Jordan it was impossible for him to find such a job, as it would require both a work permit and residency. Hazem accepted any small job, but all were for a short period of time and the pay was very low.

When Hazem took his children for a walk, as children always do they would ask him to buy them chocolates. However, Hazem was only able to buy a couple of chocolate bars and divide them between all of the children. “The fact that I was not able to even buy a chocolate bar for each of my children made me feel frustrated and very sad,” he said.

When a friend told him about International Relief & Development and that they helped other Iraqis find jobs, he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Hazem knocked on IRD’s door, only to find out that the salvation he was seeking was there all along. After discussing his situation with IRD staff, Hazem was enrolled in the Community-Based Support Program, or CBSP, a program that provides vocational training to Iraqi refugees living in Jordan.

Hazem took mobile maintenance training and graduated successfully. Upon his graduation, IRD entered him in an internship program, which gave him additional experience and knowledge needed to find a job.

Where is Hazem now? With the help of IRD, he is working in an electronics shop, once again making enough money to support himself and his family. “Today I took my children for a walk in the park, and on the way there I got chocolate bars for everyone. I can’t express how much that meant to me. If not for IRD I would still have to hold my tears in and tell them no. No father should feel like he doesn’t deserve the smiles of his children.”

The Community-Based Support Program is funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and is managed by IRD.

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