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Cashew Processing Group Demonstrates Resilience

Posted by Natasa Ruka

“When the rains started and didn’t stop, we worried that all of our hard work would be destroyed,” says Isatou Sowe, president of the Group Juboo Cashew Nut Processing Group. Group Juboo, located in the North Bank Region of The Gambia in the border town of Fass Njaga Choi, works with IRD’s Cashew Value Chain Enhancement Project (CEP) to transform its small-scale... more

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Training and Job Creation for Women in Liberia

Posted by Natasa Ruka

Christina Mensah runs a Monjay Bakery with her children Tracy and Christian. Monjay Bakery applied for a contract from the Food for Education Program to supply bakery products in Monrovia-area schools. IRD assessed the establishment and found that Mensah’s 12-worker artisanal bakery would be a good fit: the bakery was well run and motivated, and the contract w... more

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Community Garden Greens Swaziland – and Family Finances

Posted by John Engels

IRD worked with the Nyatsini community in Swazilan to revive a community garden that had been abandoned for three years due to shortages of water and high input costs. IRD began by drilling a borehole, installing a micro-irrigation system powered by an electric water pump, and offering technical support to 25 farmers (23 women and 2 men) in vegetable production... more

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Colombian Woman Turns Training into Leadership

Posted by John Engels

El Timy, COLOMBIA – Jennifer Alejandra, 28, lives with her husband and their two children in El Timy, Colombia. What is most striking about her is her leadership abilities. From the first time she received assistance from IRD, through the Closing Gaps program, she was curious about the information she was given: her diverse questions showed a very deep concern about the... more

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USDA Delegation Visits IRD Cashew Project in The Gambia

Posted by John Engels

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials visiting The Gambia from Washington DC this July got a first-hand view of the vast potential of cashew in the SeneGambia region. The senior-level delegation was there to learn about IRD’s initiative to increase the incomes of rural Senegalese and Gambians involved in the cashew value chain. Leading the delegatio... more

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