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Sabah Jadooa: Hero to Jordan’s 750,000 Refugees

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Sabah Jadooa, program director of IRD’s Outreach Services for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, fled Iraq’s political unrest and war in 2006. However, Iraq has never left his heart and soul. Sabah, age 82, laughs at the irony that he is officially a refugee yet spends his time supporting over 750,000 fellow refugees in Jordan. Though Sabah and his family have been off... more

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From Detention to Legal Status and Job Placement

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When life in Iraq became very insecure, Mohannad, 34, sought refuge in Lebanon in 2008, where he struggled to find a job. He eventually found work at a small clothing factory, but it was an unregistered business that could not help him secure legal papers and work permit. Fearing arrest because of his illegal status, Mohannad sought work at a registered business – a bigg... more

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Handicrafts Unite and Empower Za’atari Women

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The middle of March saw a hugely successful cross-cultural handicraft bazaar that spanned two days, attracted hundreds of people, and overflowed with colorful hand-made goods. The event bridged a cultural and physical gap by joining five groups of women supported by five organizations from the surrounding area. IRD’s Handicrafts Group participated in the event and closed... more

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WASH Projects Support Communities in Jordan

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Four critical water and sanitation projects were inaugurated April 7 in Akaider, Northern Jordan. The projects, which were implemented by IRD in cooperation with UNHCR, include a rehabilitation of the Akaider Waste Water Treatment Plant that serves northern Jordan and the Za’atari refugee camp, well repairs in Jaber and Hakama, improvements to the treatment plant’s acces... more

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Za’atari Camp

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”Mom, you’ll stay with us - you can share our tent.” Ahmad, playing the role of a caring son, patted his hand on a worn mat during IRD’s Mother’s Day theatre event in Za’atari Camp. “It’s no trouble, for mother, you are precious to us.” In the Arab world, Mother’s Day is celebrated March 21, and is a day to be spent honoring mothers with thanks and gifts. Howev... more

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