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Sustaining Swazi Rural Water Supply Services

Posted by Noelle Wright

IRD Swaziland Country Director Yemane Abraham signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Swaziland and private sector partners June 4 that will help make sure that recently upgraded water hand pumps will be maintained through a robust public-private partnership. Because of the high number of nonfunctional water hand pumps in rural Swaziland,... more

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Farmer Exchanges Identify Drivers of Behavior Change and Community-led Adaptation

Posted by Natasa Ruka

As IRD Mali refines the climate-adapted livelihoods component of the BRACED program (Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters), the voices of agro-pastoralists are critical. Equally important is an understanding of the key drivers of behavior change. BRACED must promote proven, context-specific interventions. At the same time, activ... more

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Masters of Peacebuilding Radio

Posted by Natasa Ruka

PDev II celebrated United Nations World Press Freedom Day by recognizing excellence in local radio programs in Niger. The award ceremony concluded the Gwani daga Karkara competition that had pitted PDev II radio partners against each other for the title of Community Radio Master. Entrants submitted examples of high-quality programming they had produced to prom... more

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Radio Soap Opera Inspires Youth Engagement

Posted by Natasa Ruka

For two years, the Nigerien youth magazine program Gwadaben Matasa has employed host chats, voices from the street, expert interviews, and community roundtables to engage youth listeners in seeking solutions to local and national development challenges. As the magazine series has become more established and its audience more familiar with its messages designed... more

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From Drug Dealer to Carpenter

Posted by Natasa Ruka

At his carpentry training completion ceremony, Abakar Mahamat Nour said he was very glad to have been offered this unique life-changing opportunity. He had been a Koranic student in Mao and was leading a very difficult life. His parents had died, there was little food to eat, and he could not support his younger brothers. He was worried about his future. With... more

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