Success Stories

IRD to Distribute Soccer Balls and Shoes to Cambodian Children

Posted by Natasa Ruka

Jim Lanning, Director of Acquisitions and Logistics at International Relief and Development (IRD) will lead a team that will distribute One World Futball soccer balls and TOMS Shoes at a Cambodian primary school and orphanage October 22 and 23. IRD is implementing a US Department of Agriculture Food for Education project to address literacy, school attendan... more

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Young Leaders Promote Political Tolerance in Northern Burkina Faso

Posted by Natasa Ruka

Aribinda is a small town located in the remote Sahel region of Burkina Faso, almost 200 miles from the country’s capital. In recent times, the town has experienced intense political tensions, linked to disputes within the traditional chiefdom. This has created such potent divisions that even traditionally strong family ties are being affected as people refuse... more

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Burkinabe Youth promote Religious Tolerance

Posted by Natasa Ruka

IRD’s Peace through Development project (PDevII) supports youth mobilization and engagement in local peace and development. In Burkina Faso, PDevII strengthens youth capacity to play leadership roles within their communities, enabling them to launch initiatives to reinforce social cohesion and enhance community resilience to violence. Djibo, in the northeas... more

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Shop Expansion Helps One Man’s Family

Posted by IRD HQ

Supporting a large family is never an easy task, but for one man living in Afghanistan’s Wardak province, it became even more difficult when his brother was killed during an attack on international military forces. A traditional practice in Afghanistan, Naib became responsible for his brother’s family after his brother died, which meant financially supporting... more

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Dairy Farmer Plans for Expansion

Posted by Natasa Ruka

In February 2014, a vehicle-borne improvised explosion in Kabul left nine civilians injured and extensive damage to a number of personal property items in the surrounding area. Among the damages was Wazir Khan’s vehicle, which was completely destroyed. Fortunately, Wazir escaped unscathed, but his vehicle was a valuable asset, and losing it would undermine his... more

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