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Whistleblower Protection

Posted by John Engels

What is whistleblower protection? IRD complies with 41 USC §4712, which provides whistleblower protection to those who report fraud, waste, or abuse of US government funds. Whistleblowing means disclosure of what you believe is evidence of any of the following:

    Gross mismanagement of a federal contract, grant, or cooperative agreement A gross waste...

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A Healthy Future for Baby Abed

Posted by Noelle Wright

Zuhair Mohammad married his wife Baraa Al-Mohammad in a village near Aleppo, Syria. They dreamed of raising a beautiful family together. Zuhair worked as a tailor while he and his wife continued their high school education. Their lives were very happy, a happiness that grew with the birth of their first child, Abed Al-Rahman Al-Mohammad. However, Abed was born prematurel... more

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Together We Will Make a More Beautiful Future

Posted by Noelle Wright

“No one saw the crying women, suffering children, or the depths of the wounds. We use art to show these things to the world,” explains Mahmoud, 24, who lives in Za’atari refugee camp. Before seeking refuge in Jordan, Mahmoud used to display his artwork in his hometown of Dara’a, Syria. He says, “Art is the language I speak.” At a local gallery in Amman, IRD... more

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The Amani Campaign: Staying Safe in Za’atari

Posted by Natasa Ruka

“She was crying and there was blood coming out of her ear,” says Fardous as she describes to an IRD social worker how her six-year old daughter was recently beaten by a teenage girl who lives in the tent near their home. In Za’atari, she explains, “There are many incidents of harassment against women and a lot of violence among youth.” Fardous is one of man... more

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IRD Iftar Fosters Community in Za’atari Camp

Posted by Natasa Ruka

The soothing melody of traditional Arab ode music echoes from the IRD community center in the Za’atari camp as Syrian refugee Basar sings about the pain of leaving one’s homeland. At the heart of his lyrical message is how people coming together can create hope and build resilience. The musical performance is a spontaneous addition to an iftar, the celebratory... more

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