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IRD Helping People Rebuild Their Lives

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It was nine years ago yesterday that Hurricane Katrina devastated the US Gulf Coast, and residents are still recovering. IRD has been on the ground from the beginning, helping people rebuild their lives, homes, and businesses. These are the inspiring stories of three IRD beneficiaries.         more

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Health Team Vaccinates 17,000 Children Against Polio

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Following IRD’s seventh polio vaccination campaign, UNHCR reports that 96 percent of girls and 99 percent of boys under age 5 in the Za’atari refugee camp have received polio vaccinations. In just five days, IRD health workers passed their goal of immunizing the 16,000 children throughout the camp. Due to outbreaks of the devastating disease worldwide, the... more

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IRD Communal Kitchens in Syrian Refugee Camps Across Jordan

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“My parents’ house was bombed yesterday and their home destroyed,” says Wisal, 35, a Syrian refugee who has been living in King Abdullah Park Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Irbid, Jordan, for nearly three years. Wisal and her family of eight are part of a close-knit community of 700 refugees who live in the camp. Wisal is preparing lunch for her family in... more

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Distributions Aid Thousands of Refugees, IDPs in Yemen

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Yemen hosts over 240,000 refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Iraq, including over 65,000 new arrivals in 2013. In addition, conflicts in the north and south have resulted in over 300,000 internally displaced persons. Beyond the normal struggles faced by refugees and IDPs, Yemen’s political instability, poor security, high unemployment, and inflation... more

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Support for Hospitals in Western Georgia

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During summer 2014, IRD distributed medical supplies and equipment to patients in need in western Georgia. IRD partnered with local NGOs and medical facilities to distribute hospital beds and tables, dental and medical supplies, examination equipment, surgical tools, wheelchairs and walking aids, as well as administrative supplies.  Around 6,300 beneficiaries were reac... more

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