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Rebuilding Afghan Women’s Livelihoods after Loss

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For many women living in Afghanistan’s rural areas, tending livestock is one of the few ways they can contribute to the family income. In this highly traditional country, rural women may be discouraged from being seen in public but can care for livestock in the privacy of their family compounds or make trips to the local bazaar to sell surplus produce. Unfortunately, mos... more

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Sabah Jadooa: Hero to Jordan’s 750,000 Refugees

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Sabah Jadooa, program director of IRD’s Outreach Services for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, fled Iraq’s political unrest and war in 2006. However, Iraq has never left his heart and soul. Sabah, age 82, laughs at the irony that he is officially a refugee yet spends his time supporting over 750,000 fellow refugees in Jordan. Though Sabah and his family have been off... more

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New Life, New Hope: A Song for Pakistan

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The USAID-funded Conflict Victim Support Program team has created an original song, performed by Pakistani artist Zeek Afridi, to highlight the ways CVSP is restoring lives and providing new opportunities for conflict victims in Pakistan. Zeek Afridi is a natural talent from Khyber Agency in FATA, found and selected through USAID-OTI (Pakistan Transition Initiative). In... more

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Philippines: Haiyan Response Update from our Relief Team

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Check out the latest video from IRD's Typhoon Haiyan relief team in the Philippines!   When super Typhoon Haiyan hit the southern Philippines last November, it unleashed a wide swath of destruction. IRD responded immediately by delivering relief supplies in coordination with other first responders. Since then, we have remained in the Philippines, helping people to... more

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From Detention to Legal Status and Job Placement

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When life in Iraq became very insecure, Mohannad, 34, sought refuge in Lebanon in 2008, where he struggled to find a job. He eventually found work at a small clothing factory, but it was an unregistered business that could not help him secure legal papers and work permit. Fearing arrest because of his illegal status, Mohannad sought work at a registered business – a bigg... more

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