Third-Party Monitoring of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund

Project monitoring and reporting in some developing regions can be difficult due to lack of infrastructure and technology. As a result, implementers are sometimes able to provide donors with only limited data, making it difficult to determine whether a program is achieving desired results. To address this, IRD is strengthening the World Bank’s ability to monitor the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) by ensuring year-round access to project sites. IRD uses an innovative systems approach to track the progress, quality of construction, and use of physical investments for selected projects supported by the ARTF. As a result, monitoring and reporting is improved and implementers are better managing their development aid.

IRD works closely with Afghan government ministries responsible for implementing ARTF-funded projects, including the ministries of Education, Public Works, and Rural Rehabilitation and Development. IRD is helping the World Bank supervise works to ensure they are carried out in line with agreements. Over the course of the program, IRD field engineers carry out onsite inspections of physical investments, including schools, micro-hydro and solar power structures, retaining walls, water supply networks, bridges, and roads. IRD also meets with beneficiaries to ensure each project is achieving intended results and to help address issues that may have arisen during implementation.

• Develop a monitoring plan, including specific parameters for site visits, asset verification and data collection for each selected ARTF-funded program.
• Implement the monitoring plan through site visits in service of capturing and analyzing data.
• Set up a network of qualified staff across all 34 provinces to perform site visits to monitor physical progress, construction quality, deviations, and use of infrastructure.
• Provide timely, relevant, and verified project-level information to the World Bank and Afghan partners.
• Set up an online, user-friendly database to present project information and supporting documents.

IRD is achieving these objectives using innovative data capture and management technologies coupled with best-practice quality assurance methods to meet a variety of information collection and reporting challenges. By allowing users to display project data, including infrastructure activities, security conditions, and cultural and natural resources geospatially, a rapid understanding of monitoring activities and investment results is possible with just a few clicks. This methodology is helping achieve program goals and monitor results efficiently.

The ARTF Third-Party Monitoring Program is implemented by IRD with funding from the World Bank.