Building Infrastructure

IRD has worked with thousands of communities to complete construction and infrastructure development projects – roads, health clinics,schools, and water and sanitation systems – in developing, high-risk, and conflict-affected areas. To successfully deliver infrastructure programs in such areas, IRD provides construction management and project support services using a community-based approach that mitigates risk and promotes sustainable development. Since 2001, we have managed over $1 billion in infrastructure projects in the West Bank, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Mozambique, and Afghanistan. We specialize in construction in insecure, low-capacity environments, and have successfully implemented design and construction that meet international standards in developing markets. IRD infrastructure services include

  • Project and construction management
  • Quality assurance and verification
  • Project controls, monitoring, and reporting
  • Community engagement and mobilization
  • Capacity building, mentoring, and training
  • Stakeholder management

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