Health & Hygiene

IRD designs and delivers comprehensive programs and services that improve the health of millions worldwide, particularly in communities affected by poverty, conflict, and natural disaster. Our cost-effective outreach, education and awareness, and relief and development programs are designed in collaboration with local organizations, government agencies, and health authorities. As a result, IRD mobilizes resources and provides critical assistance that empowers communities to rebuild and sustain healthcare infrastructure and systems, save lives, and improve health for the long term. The success of every IRD health program depends on effective teaming, with global organizations like USAID and, equally important, with local stakeholders. IRD provides its implementing partners with leadership and financial and project management training, preparing community-based organizations to continue services when the project ends. Mirroring our programs in other core sectors, IRD health solutions take a multidisciplinary approach that combines critical compo¬nents of sustainability, including economic growth and education.

Featured Capabilities

Capacity Building

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Health Integration

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Water & Sanitation

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Addressing HIV and Poverty in Ethiopia

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Avian Flu Awareness and Prevention

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Better Foods for Better Lives

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Bringing Clean Water to Kosovo

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Cameroon UNHCR 2013

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Child Survival in Cambodia

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Closing Emergency Gaps to Aid Victims of Displacement in Colombia

Colombia’s struggle against drug production and export, terrorism, and other armed... more

Community Based Support for Iraqis

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Community Health Education Services in Southern Sudan

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Community-Based Solar Disinfection Program

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a huge challenge for much of the world’s... more

Conservation Agriculture in Swaziland

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Distribution of Medical and Non-Medical Commodities in the Caucasus and Ukraine

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Flood Response in Pakistan

In the first half of 2009, well over 1 million people fled their homes in northern... more

Hambantota Educational Support Improvement Project

IRD worked in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka in 2004–08 to distribute 12,000... more

Health Linkages and National Networks for Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

The Health Linkages and National Networks (HLNN) is enhancing protection of Iraqi r... more

Health Support for Syrian Refugees

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Improving Infant, Child & Maternal Health in Cambodia

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Improving the Health of Vulnerable Communities in Rural Yemen

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Increased Access to Potable Water & Improved Hygiene Practices in Yemen

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Increasing Community and Private-Sector Involvement in Education

Sindh is Pakistan’s second largest province in population and economic output. Desp... more

Integrated Community-Based Transitional Shelter, Sanitation, and Community Infrastructure

Following the devastating earthquake in 2010, IRD constructed 1,200 transitional sh... more

Iraq Mothers and Daughters Empowerment Program

Many rural women in Iraq live in extreme poverty. Only 37 percent of rural women ca... more

Preventing Cholera in Coastal Mozambique

    Mozambique is one of the most climatically vulnerable countries in South... more

Preventing Loss of Sight in Laos

Laos had twice as many cases of childhood blindness as neighboring Thailand in 2... more

Reducing HIV/AIDS Stigma in Ukraine

Starting in September 2004, IRD implemented the Reducing Stigma and Discrimination... more

Reducing Vulnerability to Drought, Cyclones & Climate Change in Mozambique

For over a decade, Mozambique’s Inhambane province has experienced severe cyclones... more

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting in Zimbabwe

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Safe Educational Opportunities Project

Khammouane province in central Laos had one of the lowest primary school complet... more

School Repair and Restoration in Armenia

In 2005 IRD Armenia began implementing 12 small construction projects at social ins... more

SCIP Program in Southern Mozambique

While Mozambique has successfully rebounded from years of civil war, many of its pe... more

Strategic Health Support for Iraqi Refugees (SHS)

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Strengthening Health Services through Community Mobilization

Through the ESOCUIDA project (the Portuguese acronym for Empowerment of Civil Socie... more

Women First

IRD has been implementing the Women First program since 2005 in an effort to empowe... more