Food & Agriculture

World Food Day 2014 - IRD’s food and agriculture programs operate under a wide range of conditions, but all aim to improve the productivity and efficiency of food production, processing, and marketing systems. When possible, our programs also integrate nutrition, public health, sanitation, and water infrastructure, generating enduring results for communities worldwide. In Africa, for example, IRD uses participatory farmer field school methodologies to train farmers in crop and livestock production systems, business development, and creation of off-farm jobs. In Asia, we help local food processors develop and distribute nutritionally fortified noodles and other food products for schoolchildren – improving educational outcomes, child nutrition, and employment opportunities. Nutrition education and water sanitation and health are also important complementary components of IRD’s food security programs. For example, in southern Africa, IRD is building community resilience to drought by developing sustainable, small-scale irrigation and sanitation infrastructure, improving land and watershed management, and developing local businesses. With the support of our donors and partners, IRD plans to expand its work to alleviate hunger and improve nutrition, provide training and equipment to farmers and businesses, generate local employment opportunities, and strengthen entrepreneurial capacity and farm-to-market linkages.

Featured Capabilities

Capacity Building

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Natural Resource Management

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Water & Sanitation

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Women & Gender

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Afghanistan Vouchers for Increased Productive Agriculture

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Better Foods for Better Lives

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Cambodia Food for Education

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Cameroon UNHCR 2013

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Child Survival in Cambodia

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Community Revitalization through Democratic Action

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Conservation Agriculture in Swaziland

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Enhancing the Value Chain Competitiveness of Sesame and Fonio in Mali and Burkina Faso

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Food for Education in Liberia

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Hambantota Educational Support Improvement Project

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Improving Agricultural Income and Employment in Zimbabwe

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Improving the Health of Vulnerable Communities in Rural Yemen

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Increasing Stability and Resilience of Livelihood Systems among Central African Refugees

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Reducing Vulnerability to Drought, Cyclones & Climate Change in Mozambique

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Restoring Livelihoods and Strengthening Value Chains in Zimbabwe

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Safe Educational Opportunities Project

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Southern Regional Agricultural Development in Afghanistan

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Strengthening the Onion Value Chain in Niger

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Support to Pakistan Farmers Through Improved Citrus Orchards

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The Serbia Agribusiness Project

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