Emergency Response

IRD’s expert multidisciplinary teams have been at the center of the response to virtually every major disaster of the past decade, including the 2004 Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 2009 Haitian earthquake, the 2010 flooding in Pakistan, and the 2011 drought in the Horn of Africa. IRD has also been involved in the humanitarian response to many conflict-based crises, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Georgia, Pakistan, and Libya. Our emergency response teams arrive immediately after a natural or man-made disaster strikes to identify and respond to the most immediate needs; then we continue support through the critical recovery and rehabilitation phases. Because IRD has operations around the world, we understand the local cultural and political context, and our staff is positioned for quick response. After the crisis stabilizes, our humanitarian assistance teams design recovery and rehabilitation programs that smoothly transition activities to IRD’s long-term development experts. From the very start and through all phases of our work, IRD is committed to the principle of “building back better.” We infuse our programs with strategies and techniques of disaster risk reduction so communities can prosper and better withstand any future disaster.

Featured Capabilities

Capacity Building

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Conflict Victim Assistance

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Natural Resource Management

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Water & Sanitation

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Women & Gender

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Building Resiliency in the Horn of Africa

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Earthquake Response in Haiti

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Earthquake Response in Jogjakarta

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Emergency Food Aid in Chad

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Emergency Relief and Employment Project

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Flood Response in Pakistan

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Gulf Coast Community Services Center

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Health Support for Syrian Refugees

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Improving the Health of Vulnerable Communities in Rural Yemen

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Indian Ocean Tsunami Response

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Integrated Community-Based Transitional Shelter, Sanitation, and Community Infrastructure

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Libya Crisis Response

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Livelihood Restoration in Cameroon

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Resettling Refugees in Mauritania

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