Conflict Mitigation

IRD’s conflict mitigation team supports the full spectrum of stability activities during major combat operations and in post-conflict settings. We build the capacity of our local partners and civil society organizations to support the transition to peace and democracy, and we assist communities to mitigate the potential for ethnic, tribal, religious, gang, and other conflict. Flexibility is at the core of our programming, and the conflict mitigation team employs management strategies adaptable to disparate environments, security challenges, and client needs. When possible, we operate within the communities being served rather than from distant national capitals, and we engage field staff locally to implement programs. IRD’s community stabilization capabilities support a wide range of donor and partner priorities:

  • Comprehensive stabilization operations including relief and humanitarian assistance.
  • Strengthening community resilience against violent extremism.
  • Building capacity of civil society and local government to support the transition to democracy.
  • Expeditionary economic development to spur growth during and after conflict or disasters.
  • Disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration after ethnic, tribal, natural resource, or other conflict.
  • Training communities and at-risk-youth in peace-building, conflict management, mediation, and conflict analysis.

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