Only founded in 1990, the Republic of Yemen is a country in touch with its history. The reported home of the queen of Sheba, Yemen is still strongly traditional, with tribal affiliations causing flares of tension. A rebellion along the country’s northwest border with Saudi Arabia has displaced tens of thousands of people, and recent events have brought al-Qaeda’s activities there to the world’s attention. While Yemen struggles to bring these elements under control, other challenges remain. Only 30 percent of its women can read, and it has one of the highest population growth rates in the world, meaning that scarce resources will only get scarcer.

The Grassroots Theater Initiative (GTI) is designed to bring theater to villages as a means of community mobilization in a country where storytelling is a central part of the culture. Building on the methodology of Brazilian theater activist Augusto Boal, IRD is using plays to reach the heart of local issues and promote community participation and activism, and contribute to increased stability in rural areas of Yemen.


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