West Bank and Gaza Strip

While the West Bank and Gaza are constantly in the headlines, that attention does not mean that residents in this part of the world receive the support they need to build a strong future for their families. IRD's programs here are working to change that, improving roads, water systems, and schools, which will make day to day life that much better for Palestinians.


Creating Jobs in the West Bank

The Gaza Employment Generation through NGOs Program (GEGNP) aided students in the G... more

Improving Infrastructure in the West Bank

IRD is improving the lives of Palestinians by repairing and constructing key roads,... more

Success Stories

Bringing Help and Hope to Gaza

Twenty-three-year-old Heba Mansour lives with 13 of her family members in a... more

Bringing Shoes to Gaza

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza - Since the blockade of 2007, Gaza has relied on tunnels... more

Emergency Relief in Gaza

On December 27, 2008, Israel launched an air strike campaign on Gaza Strip. In the... more

IRD Provides Almost $1 Million Worth of Medicine in Shipment to Gaza

IRD, with the help of several partners, was able to ship almost one million dollars... more

New Road Opening in West Bank is Celebrated

Residents near Nablus on the West Bank were literally dancing in the street... more

Providing Relief in Gaza

“Many needs, few resources” is how Ramzy Salman describes his situation. Ra... more

Relief and Assistance for Gaza

Three of Akram Fayeq Al-Helou’s 13 family members have special needs. The 5... more