Syria’s conflict began in March 2011 with public demonstrations of solidarity with the wider “Arab Spring.” It has since developed into a nationwide uprising and civil war. Over 2.5 million refugees have fled the country, crossing into Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan; and over 6 million are internally displaced. The Outreach for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees program supports UNHCR outreach efforts to Syrian refugee communities living in Jordan and helps them maintain a minimum standard of living and improve their access to education, training, and medical care while they rebuild their lives and plan for the future. Now in its fifth year, the program aims to

  • identify and assess vulnerable refugees and refer them to available services
  • assist the neediest families in obtaining non-food assistance and general services
  • raise awareness of basic rights and services refugees are entitled to through UNHCR
  • offer psychosocial support and social activities
  • increase refugee community capacity to organize to meet self-identified goals
  • provide camp management services


Outreach Services for Syrian & Iraqi Refugees

The Outreach for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees (OSIR 6) program supports UNHCR outreach... more

Success Stories

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A Healthy Future for Baby Abed

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The Amani Campaign: Staying Safe in Za’atari

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IRD Iftar Fosters Community in Za’atari Camp

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Lighting Up the Night at Iftar

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Getting Mohammed Back on His Feet

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The Fountain of Youth

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Imagining the People, Not the Numbers

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IRD Vaccinates 18,000 Children in Five Days

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OSIR Program Director Sabah Jadooa Retires

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Recognizing Resilience and Solidarity on World Refugee Day 2014

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Syrian Youth Find New Purpose for Old Tents

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A Helping Hand for Syrian Refugees

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This Is Our Kitchen

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IRD Expands Girls Football Program

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Celebrating Earth Day in Za’atari Camp

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Handicrafts Unite and Empower Za’atari Women

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Za’atari Camp

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Polio Vaccination Campaign: Round Four

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IRD-UNHCR Report: Syrian Refugees Outside Jordanian Camps Struggle to Cope

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Destigmatizing and Treating Scabies in the Za’atari Refugee Camp

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IRD and Za’atari Girls Form a League of Their Own

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Expanding the Community Kitchen

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Community Health Workers Serve Diabetic Refugees

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Protecting Syrian Refugees with Access to Community-Based Healthcare

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Meeting Jordanian and Refugee Water Needs

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Rapid Response to Prevent Polio Outbreak in the Za’atari Camp for Syrian Refugees

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“Far-fetched Idea” Becomes a Welcome Routine for Za’atari Children

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Wheelchairs Donated to Vulnerable Syrian Refugees

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Vaccination Campaign Helps Prevent Measles

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Syrian Refugees Receive Winter Clothing, Shoes, Sleeping Bags

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Clothing Distribution to Syrian Refugees During Eid

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Quick Impact Projects Help Jordan Manage Influx of Syrian Refugees

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Syrian Refugees Support Community Action Committees in Northern Jordan

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