IRD began working in Jordan in 2003 to support its Iraq operations. Since 2006, however, IRD Jordan has been implementing programs in Jordan and Lebanon to support Iraqi and Syrian refugees and to construct and improve community support for public schools.

Outreach Services for Iraqi Refugees (OSIR): Now in its fifth year, OSIR is strengthening the UNHCR outreach network by providing cash assistance, information, and services to assist Iraqi and Syrian refugee communities. The program helps refugees maintain minimum living standards, improves their access to education, training, and medical care, and supports their efforts to rebuild their lives and make plans for the future.

Community-Based Support Program (CBSP): Also in its fifth year, CBSP provides vulnerable Iraqi refugees with vocational and entrepreneurship training that enables them to generate income during their stay in Jordan and find employment upon their return to Iraq or location to a third country. During 2013, CBSP is focusing on linking trainees to the local market through internships and job placement.

Health Linkages and National Networks (HLNN): In its third year, HLNN is increasing awareness of available health services from the government of Jordan to Iraqi refugees. In partnership with 16 Ministry of Health centers, HLNN assists Iraqis to receive services at reduced fees. By targeting women and youth to receive information and training on maternal, child and reproductive healthcare, the project reduces this population’s vulnerability and reliance on parallel health structures. This approach also increases the effectiveness of community-based mechanisms for domestic and gender-based violence mitigation and response.

Health Support to Syrian Refugees in Jordan (HSSR): IRD is supporting 10 Ministry of Health centers to meet the needs of Syrian refugees and affected communities through home-based vulnerability assessments, health education, and referrals. The program is also strengthening community response to domestic and gender-based violence, as well as procuring new diagnostic and laboratory equipment to help health providers institute more efficient diagnostic and assessment processes.

Community Mobilization for Partnerships in Schools (CMP): IRD and the Ministry of Education are partnering on this five-year project designed to complement the Jordan School Reconstruction Project, which renovates and builds new schools across the country, and USAID’s Education Reform Support Program, which provides state-of-the-art school-based training to maximize the impact of the new space. CMP develops dynamic community-school partnerships that unite citizens with their schools and empower them to collaborate to the benefit of children, students, pupils, and communities. The project is active in 65 communities that will receive new or renovated schools through the Jordan School Reconstruction Project.

Jordan Schools Construction and Rehabilitation Program (JSP): As part of USAID’s support for the Jordanian Ministry of Education’s reform program, this $44 million project is constructing 28 schools and renovating or expanding an additional 100 schools throughout the country. IRD is responsible for eight schools, or almost 40,000 square meters of space. The project team includes 30 construction managers, engineers, and technicians and is employing up to 300 local subcontractors.

Entrepreneurship for Refugees in Lebanon (EfR): The goal of EfR, now in its fourth year, is to improve environmental protection and build the entrepreneurial and income-generation skills of vulnerable Iraqi refugees. The program focuses on skills that respond to current opportunities in Lebanon, Iraq, and third countries, while also facilitating the legalization of Iraqi male refugees so they can work legally while in Lebanon.  In 2013, IRD began assisting Iraqi refugees from Syria as well.

Protective Support to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (PSSR): This program provides legal assistance and support for 2,000 Syrians to obtain or renew residency permits. The program also works with local authorities and volunteers to implement community improvement projects for both Syrian refugees and host communities.

Iraq Community Services Project (ICSP): In 2008, ICSP offered outreach and community and psychosocial services to the Iraqi refugee community. ICSP provided screening, counseling, advanced mental healthcare, and support group counseling, including the psychosocial wellbeing of children. With expertise from the Khiam Rehabilitation Center in Lebanon, IRD established the first advanced psychosocial care center in Jordan. In partnership with the Noor al Hussein Foundation of Jordan, IRD expanded the capacity of partner community centers and provided interactive theater and puppet shows addressing social issues of importance to Iraqi children and their families.

Strategic Health Services (SHS): The 2007–09 SHS program managed a large volunteer outreach force to gain access to Iraqi refugee homes, earn their trust, and help them gain access to healthcare services. Through this innovative outreach, IRD was able to provide incomes for over 120 Iraqi women (many of whom were healthcare professionals), build a community network to provide basic healthcare services and referrals, and gain significant insight into – and feedback from – the Iraqi community. SHS provided quality healthcare services that included basic health assessments, healthcare referrals, and primary healthcare. It also expanded the capacity of partner clinics in Irbid and Zarqa to extend healthcare to increased numbers of Iraqis, and it improved the capacity of partner clinics to deliver secondary healthcare and laboratory services as well as dispense medicines to Iraqi refugees.

Cultivating Inclusive & Supportive Learning Environments (CISLE): The CISLE project aimed to insure that local Jordanians and Syrian refugees were afforded equal opportunities to acquire a purposeful and meaningful education in a safe and supportive learning environment.

IRD’s Jordan and Lebanon programs are made possible with funding from the US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


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