Insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have taken control of several cities and towns in Iraq’s northern regions and present the greatest threat to the country’s security and stability since the pullout of US troops in 2011.

IRD is on the ground, working with our partners and donor agencies to assess the needs and deliver whatever assistance is available. Your support is so important to this emergency response.

Please visit our flicker site to see our work with Iraqi IDP's.

Since the fall of the Hussein regime in Iraq in March 2003, Coalition forces and the Iraqi government have been working to restore damaged infrastructure and basic services while engaging the population in civil government. IRD specifically is currently implementing four programs in Iraq.

The USAID-funded Iraq Community Action Program (ICAP) assists community action groups, or CAGs, to articulate needs and mobilize resources to solve problems, local government to better meet these needs, and civilian victims of conflict. By involving Iraqi citizens in determining their own priorities as well as empowering them to communicate those priorities and mobilize the resources to address them, ICAP is modeling innovative approaches to decentralized democracy and governance in Iraq.

The Community Stabilization Program (CSP) in Iraq is a 28-month program designed to focus local energies toward productive economic and social opportunities and away from insurgency activities. It is a new initiative to jump start economic development and create jobs in specific areas. The primary objectives of CSP are to:
- Create jobs and develop employable skills with a focus on unemployed youth;
- Revitalize community infrastructure and essential services;
- Support established businesses and develop new sustainable businesses; and
- Help mitigate conflict in selected communities.

In Northern Iraq, IRD implements the Humanitarian Assistance Intervention (HAI) program, also funded by USAID. HAI program works to resettle refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and provides these and other vulnerable populations with emergency health, food, and relief supplies.

As part of the implementation of HAI, IRD also provides the following: emergency relief commodities to affected communities, potable water and sanitation facilities, primary health care services, income generation opportunities, return facilitation, and training and capacity building.

And with funding from the U.S. State Department, IRD is supporting reconciliation and conflict mitigation efforts, helping build national unity, and strengthening the foundation of development initiatives by improving the mental health of Iraqis across geographic and sectarian boundaries. The $3 million Iraqi Mental Health Program will work with trauma and other conflict-affected victims, including female self-immolation victims, drug users, children, internally displaced people in six Iraqi governorates.


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