IRD implemented a variety of relief and development programs in Armenia from 2000 through 2012. Our healthcare, humanitarian, and infrastructure programs addressed the needs of displaced persons, disabled people, orphans, and other vulnerable populations. Our relief and development activities also supported democratic changes in communities in one of Eastern Europe’s poorest countries.

Under the US State Department’s Essential Pharmaceutical Commodities Distribution project, IRD delivered almost $80 million worth of medicines, medical supplies, and non-medical commodities to vulnerable populations. IRD Armenia worked with over 100 medical facilities and 300 NGOs, rural communities, boarding schools, orphanages, and other social institutions to supply wheelchairs, walkers, hygienic kits, school kits and orphan kits, shoes, newborn kits, second-hand clothing, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. IRD coordinated activities with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, county governors’ offices, and local authorities. About 200,000 people benefited from this program annually. One beneficiary told IRD, “For a normal and decent life…health is one of the most important conditions. What would I do without IRD medicines?”

From 2001 to 2004, IRD implemented the USAID Primary Health Care Initiative project, which improved access to quality primary healthcare (PHC) services for over 60,000 beneficiaries in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine. In Armenia, IRD rehabilitated and equipped PHC facilities in Lori Marz, operated mobile medical units for remote villages, and established community health committees. Healthcare providers were trained in emergency care, family medicine,12integrated management of childhood illnesses, and health facility management. IRD’s training package included both on-the- job training and interactive theoretical lectures.

In 2005 IRD Armenia began implementing 16 small reconstruction projects at social institutions and refugee villages, aimed at addressing humanitarian and public health needs. Funded by the US State Department, the project reconstructed the potable water network in a remote refugee village, and made repairs to a nursing home, boarding schools for disabled children, and public schools and kindergartens. The Latter-Day-Saint Charities contributed to 11 of the projects. One kindergarten director told IRD, “Our kindergarten had not undergone any renovation since 1975…. Your work allows our children grow healthy and use quality facilities. Thanks to you we are stronger and more comfortable.”

With a small USAID grant in 2003, IRD implemented a handicraft development project. IRD worked with a group of talented artisans to improve their design and crafting skills and develop their entrepreneurial capabilities.

With support from the Armenian Health Alliance, IRD implemented the improved PHC Services for Gyumri Population project in 2006. The goal was to improve prevention and management of common chronic diseases – including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cancer – at the PHC level. Interactive training sessions increased knowledge and awareness among physicians, nurses, and target population groups.


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