Niger is located in the heart of the Sahel region of Africa, an area directly south of the Sahara that is racked by droughts. Since the government does not have the ability to develop the country’s resources, Niger’s economy remains agrarian and subsistence-based — thus prone to widespread famines following even moderate climate changes.

In 2005, IRD conducted an assessment of the relief and development needs in Niger and found immediate needs for further development of the potable water supply and famine relief. In the long-term, the goal is to improve the economic resources of the country to lessen their dependence on the difficult farming conditions in the region.

More recently, USAID's Peace through Development II (PDev II) program works directly with vulnerable young men and women to empower youth, promote moderate voices, and strengthen civil society and local government, directly benefiting 500,000 people in targeted communities in Niger, Chad, and Burkina Faso.


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