Capacity Building

IRD defines capacity building as a coordinated, participatory process that engages individuals, organizations, and communities to develop and strengthen skills that increase their self-sufficiency. Community-based organizations with capacity design, manage, deliver, evaluate, and sustain targeted programs that improve the quality of life. In some degree all of IRD's work builds capacity, and the concept is an essential component of our mission to "provide the tools and resources needed to increase self-sufficiency." The case studies, best practices, and success stories featured here show the multiple ways.

IRD supports communities to become self-sufficient – to guide their own learning, lead their own development, and improve their own quality of life.


Capacity Building through Vocational Training

Efforts to rebuild Afghanistan have been hampered by the lack of qualified construc... more

Closing Emergency Gaps to Aid Victims of Displacement in Colombia

Colombia’s struggle against drug production and export, terrorism, and other armed... more

Community Cohesion in Northern Iraq

Conflict and instability have become daily features of Iraqi life. In northern Iraq... more

Community Outreach and Capacity Building

An Integrated Approach to Infrastructure Rebuilding infrastructure in areas emerg... more

Community Services and Assistance to Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Yemen

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world and consistently ranks at the bottom... more

Creating Jobs in the West Bank

The Gaza Employment Generation through NGOs Program (GEGNP) aided students in the G... more

Cultivating Inclusive & Supportive Learning Environments in Jordan’s Schools

The Cultivating Inclusive & Supportive Learning Environments (CISLE) project aimed... more

Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Logistical Support Program

The Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Logistical Support Program (EQUALS) provide... more

Strategic Provincial Roads in Southern and Eastern Afghanistan

The Strategic Provincial Roads Program in Southern and Eastern Afghanistan (SPR) co... more

Strengthening Health Services through Community Mobilization

Through the ESOCUIDA project (the Portuguese acronym for Empowerment of Civil Socie... more

Strengthening Pakistan’s Ability to Assist Conflict Victims

Victims of conflict in the Pakistani Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province and the F... more

Strengthening the Onion Value Chain in Niger

IRD and its partner organization SNV are implementing the $3 million onion value ch... more

Support for Minorities in Iraq

Religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq have long faced discrimination; many still... more

Support to Pakistan Farmers Through Improved Citrus Orchards

Pakistan produces 13 million tons of fruit and vegetables, worth over $2 billion ea... more

Supporting Effective Governance for Greater Stability in Afghanistan

Building citizens’ confidence and trust in government are fundamental to achieving... more