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2014 IRD-Peace Corps Fellowship Program Launched

Apr 7 Posted by IRD HQ

ARLINGTON, VA – International Relief and Development (IRD) announced the launch of its 2014 IRD-Peace Corps Fellowship Program. IRD-Peace Corps Fellows are chosen from among recently returned Peace Corps volunteers who have served three years overseas. The Fellows work side-by-side with IRD staff experts on development projects, applying their field experience to current... more

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IRD Partners with Old Navy to Aid Typhoon Haiyan Survivors

Feb 26 Posted by IRD HQ

ARLINGTON, VA – International Relief & Development (IRD) and Old Navy have partnered to distribute a shipment of more than 100,000 items of new clothing to survivors of the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines in November 2013.  An assortment of new clothing for all ages – infants to children and adults – chosen for its suitability for the tropical climate,... more

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IRD Awarded SWIFT IV Contract to Help Support Transitions in Fragile Developing Nations

Feb 18 Posted by IRD HQ

ARLINGTON, VA – USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) has awarded International Relief and Development (IRD) an indefinite quantity contract (IQC), the Support Which Implements Fast Transitions (SWIFT IV) program. The IQC allows OTI to access IRD expertise to support US foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy in priority c... more

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San Antonio Martial Arts Group Joins the Fight to Help Rebuild the Philippines

Feb 11 Posted by IRD HQ

Martial arts practitioners in San Antonio helped raise $1,268.45 for victims of the typhoon Haiyan that devastated a large swath of the Philippines in November 2013. The funds will be used to support International Relief & Development’s (IRD) efforts to clear debris, resupply hospitals, repair schools, and distribute clothing and other relief to typhoon survivors. The... more

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Syria’s Crisis: USAID Policymakers and Humanitarian Leaders at IRD/MEI Humanitarian Conference

Feb 10 Posted by IRD HQ

ARLINGTON, VA – International Relief & Development (IRD) and the Middle East Institute (MEI) today hosted a conference of leading public and private policymakers and humanitarians to discuss the suffering caused by the Syrian civil war and more effective ways to assist refugees, displaced persons and the communities in neighboring nations providing refuge to 2.5 million... more

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