Iraq Emergency Response

Insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have taken control of several cities and towns in Iraq’s northern regions and present the greatest threat to the country’s security and stability since the pullout of US troops in 2011.

In the latest development, nearly 100,000 Iraqi refugees have fled Sinjar into northeast Syria since August 6, then returned to Iraqi Kurdistan through the Fayshkhabur border crossing. Another 50,000 are following close behind.

The refugees are in poor shape, especially children and the elderly due to lack of food and water and exposure to the intense summer sun. Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish authorities are overwhelmed and urgently need assistance to provide food, water, and ground transportation.

IRD is on the ground in these areas, working with our partners and donor agencies to assess the needs and deliver whatever assistance is available. The reality is that many of those who are now on the move will die unless emergency assistance arrives now.

Because of the urgent need, IRD is procuring whatever food and water it can obtain locally and working with Kurdish officials on both sides of the border to ensure that assistance is delivered to those who are most vulnerable.

Your support is so important to this emergency response. Please give whatever you can today.

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