Iraq Emergency Response

Insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have taken control of several cities and towns in Iraq’s northern regions and present the greatest threat to the country’s security and stability since the pullout of US troops in 2011. More than 500,000 people have fled ISIS-controlled areas and entered Erbil and Duhok cities and into several districts and subdistricts of Ninewa. In addition to four emergency camps established by local government in cooperation with the United Nations, internally displaced persons are living in public buildings, mosques, schools, and private homes.

In response to this crisis, IRD immediately has dispatched teams to assess the most urgent needs and to distribute pre-positioned emergency aid, including food, water, beds, hygiene kits, and cooking supplies. As more families flee conflict areas, local government and communities do not have the resources to accommodate the massive influx. IRD is working with its local partners on the ground to design additional appropriate responses to save lives.With your support, IRD will expand efforts to provide basic necessities, improve water and sanitation systems, and bring mobile medical care to remote areas.

Your support is so important to this emergency response. Please give whatever you can today.