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Families all over the world go without some of the most basic items that we take for granted – food, clean water, medication, clothing, electricity, and so much more. They may be emerging from crisis, conflict, or disaster, and they may be in need of long-term support. We can work together to raise funds and provide the relief and long-term development programs these people need. Your support is vital to IRD’s ability to carry out our global mission to reduce the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable groups and provide them with the tools and resources they need to increase their self-sufficiency. Please help!

Download our "Get Involved" kit.


Hosting an event is easy! If you’re interested in raising funds and awareness for IRD programming, contact us at Below are a few fundraising ideas:

  • Host a discussion or post a fact sheet at your local library, community center, school, coffee shop, or place of worship.
  • Host a “no-canned-food drive”: Individuals donate the amount they would have spent so suitable items may be purchased in-country and not spent on shipping.
  • Host a dinner, raffle, or silent auction at a local restaurant, country club, or other upscale venue.
  • Host a meal at your house and ask your guests to donate the cost of going out
  • Host a “dinner and a movie” event at your house, and donate the cost of dinner and a movie.
  • Ask your friends or workplace to host a “lunch-free day.” Go for a walk instead and donate the cost of lunch.
  • If you’re a musician, ask people to donate at one of your gigs.
  • Call a local food specialty, coffee, tea, or wine shop and see if they would be willing to host a tasting and donate 20 percent of the revenue for the evening to IRD’s work.
  • Contact your favorite local clothing store and ask to host a fashion show or shopping event, and donate 20 percent of the revenue.
  • Ask your colleagues to participate in a “Starbucks-free day” and donate what they would have spent.
  • Ask your local gym or yoga studio to host a donation day; individuals pay an additional $5 to attend class and the money supports IRD’s work.

Send us your ideas—we’d love to hear what has worked for you. We look forward to supporting your plan an event and raise awareness and funding for those most in need.