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IRD and UPO Host International Career Day for Washington D.C. Ninth Graders

Posted on April 4, 2012 by Melissa Price

Today, IRD hosted an eager group of ninth graders from the United Planning Organization's POWER program. The students, who all attend high schools in Washington D.C.’s Anacostia and Congress Heights neighborhoods, heard from a panel of IRD staff about careers in international development. The group discussed the skill sets such jobs require, the importance of learning languages, and the personal satisfaction that comes from learning about other cultures and making a difference in people’s lives. Below is a short piece from one of the students who attended. We were so happy to host these boys and girls. It's heartwarming to see that spark of inspiration in our next generation.

these boys and girls. It's heartwarming to see that spark of inspiration in our next generation.

Cer’cia Wallace, Thurgood Marshall Academy, age 14 My impression of the job fair can be summed up in one word-wow! The event was surprisingly fun and was an excellent learning opportunity. I learned of jobs I never thought possible being an inner-city teen. One of the speakers, Ms. Adora Lee, was an inspiration to reach for the stars. She has been to countries I cannot pronounce and has done amazing work globally and right here in the Washington Area. The speakers were vibrant and enthusiastic to help us. They also were willing to share some of their knowledge with us students, they tried to make us have as much fun as possible. A goal they certainly achieved.

This event is an event I would love to participate in again. I learned about another career I would be interested in pursuing, also met people with connections. But I just didn’t learn about careers with the IRD, but how to advance my band and musical career and even how to play a few notes on the guitar! In conclusion the job fair was more than just another trip but a real learning experience.

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  1. Jun 17 Posted by Mirek

    you will get benefits but unilke people coming here you will get a lot lower rate so you be able only just to survive while you find a job you wont get help with accommodation not like here every one that comes gets priority on housing list

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