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Friday’s Photo: International Reading Day at Za’atari Camp

Apr 11 Posted by IRD HQ

At Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, International Reading Day was celebrated with readings of children's stories, music, facepainting, and clown performances.  Thanks to the opening of a new library in District 9 of Za'atari Camp, children and families now have access to hundreds of new books. The Outreach for Syrian and Iraqi Refigees (OSIR) program is fund... more

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Program Activities for Syrian Refugees at Camp Za’atari

Sep 23 Posted by IRD HQ

This video clip is from a Q&A with Sabah Al-Jadooa, IRD Project Director for Syrian refugees at the Za'atari refugee camp in northern Jordan. IRD provides health and hygiene, educational and psychosocial support to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. more

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A Partnership to Improve Primary Education and Student Health in Cambodia

May 15

Posted by Lali Chania, Vice President & Deputy Chief, Program Operations

As Deputy Director of Health, over the past month, I was able to join Board Member Jane Okun Bomba as she conducted an oversight visit to our programs in Cambodia. It was very inspiring to see project activities and how it impacts lives of many children and families. In Cambodia, IRD works to improve the quality of primary education and student enrollment and to improv... more

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In Her Own Words: Melissa Price on Miracles

Mar 1 Posted by IRD HQ

A seventeenth-century French philosopher observed that “out of difficulties grow miracles.” That idea smacked me in the face on my first trip to Africa for the Africa Higher Education Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2008. Reminders of the country’s 1994 genocide were still plentiful: abandoned checkpoints, buildings riddled with bullet holes, makeshift memorials, and hesi... more

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Ligaya Diaz: IRD Programs Empower Women to Help Individuals & Families

Feb 1 Posted by IRD HQ

Ligaya Diaz, a Filipina, began working with IRD Cambodia as a food technologist in March 2005 on a USDA Food for Progress Project. When asked why she joined IRD, Ligaya said “I have always wanted to join a development organization, because my parents worked in grassroots organizations in the Philippines. IRD gave me the chance to apply my skills in a food production proj... more

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