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U.S Ambassador Mikaela James Visits IRD Swaziland Sites

Jun 12 Posted by abrauner

US Ambassador to Swaziland Mikaela James visited three IRD Swaziland program sites April 23, including a community garden, a rainwater harvesting system at a primary school, and a water hand pump replacement site. Ambassador James was impressed with IRD’s work in collaboration with local stakeholders, and particularly by the high productivity of the farmers, who... more

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In Her Own Words: Jo Anne Yeager Sallah on Developing Women Entrepreneurs in West Africa

Feb 8 Posted by apeterson

My dad instilled in me a sense of adventure and an interest in different cultures. With this foundation, I majored in international relations at the College of William and Mary. After taking a course in international development, I knew this was the career for me. I signed up for the Peace Corps and was assigned to Senegal as a rural development volunteer. Livi... more

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Ligaya Diaz: IRD Programs Empower Women to Help Individuals & Families

Feb 1 Posted by apeterson

Ligaya Diaz, a Filipina, began working with IRD Cambodia as a food technologist in March 2005 on a USDA Food for Progress Project. When asked why she joined IRD, Ligaya said “I have always wanted to join a development organization, because my parents worked in grassroots organizations in the Philippines. IRD gave me the chance to apply my skills in a food production proj... more

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Supporting Local Farmers and African Agriculture with a Cashew Cookbook

Jan 10 Posted by Melissa Price

Cashew: Eat It, Cook It, Love It! Eat Locally Grown Cashew – Healthy, Nutritional, and Tasty Sounds like a promotion you might see in your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, right? How about in Africa’s smallest country, The Gambia? IRD has been working with local farmers in the West African countries of The Gambia and Senegal since 2009 to strengthen the cashew va... more

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“Traveling Ag Theater” in Southern Afghanistan

Jun 18 Posted by Kate Zimmerman

Pictured: In Kandahar Province, Southern Afghanistan, IRD's Southern Regional Agricultural Development (S-RAD) program, funded by USAID, is putting agricultural training on center stage. So far, nearly 1,000 farmers in remote districts have attended performances of S-RAD’s Traveling Ag Theatre. The performances train farmers in southern Afghanistan on best hortic... more

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