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What “A Culture of Compliance” Means

Sep 5 Posted by Kris Manos, President and CEO

At its simplest, compliance refers to our doing something that we have been asked to do. In an organizational setting, we are required to comply with our internal policies and procedures. We also must comply with US laws and regulations, and those of the countries where we operate. We must comply with our donors’ requirements that the funds entrusted to the... more

Start, Stop, and Continue

Aug 25 Posted by Kris Manos, President and CEO

Just as the foundation of understanding how to improve and strengthen our organization requires honest assessment, so too do we each need to understand our own personal strengths, contributions, and areas for improvement. For IRD as a whole, we’re engaged in self-reflection. We’re also asking for feedback from our employees; from our customers, like USAID; and... more

A Visit to the Club Écoute Pays Bas

Aug 21 Posted by Musu Hope-Clemens

We are more than an hour late. The Congressional staffers had a leisurely lunch, so, with their other appointments in an overbooked itinerary, we are completely off schedule. When we finally get to Pays Bas, the neighborhood where the members of Club Ecoute Pays Bas live, I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that in this part of the world, folk spend a lot of t... more

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Tony Haslam: #TheWorldNeedsMore

Aug 19 Posted by Noelle Wright

The world needs more effective and accountable governing bodies that foster community stability. Without stability there is no long-lasting development. And without real development there is no lasting stability. Good governance inclusive of all communities will help the international community achieve its goal of a world without extreme poverty and extremist... more

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Jo Anne Yeager Sallah: #TheWorldNeedsMore

Aug 19 Posted by Noelle Wright

The world needs more fully inclusive communities. Working with cashew producers in Senegal and The Gambia, I’ve seen first hand the incredible resourcefulness and creativity of women who, through their involvement in cashew processing and marketing, have the opportunity to contribute to their communities through market-based activities.  Protecting the human r... more

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