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Friday’s Photo: International Reading Day at Za’atari Camp

Apr 11 Posted by IRD HQ

At Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, International Reading Day was celebrated with readings of children's stories, music, facepainting, and clown performances.  Thanks to the opening of a new library in District 9 of Za'atari Camp, children and families now have access to hundreds of new books. The Outreach for Syrian and Iraqi Refigees (OSIR) program is fund... more

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Philippines: Haiyan Response Update from our Relief Team

Mar 19 Posted by IRD HQ

When super Typhoon Haiyan hit the southern Philippines last November, it unleashed a wide swath of destruction. IRD responded immediately by delivering relief supplies in coordination with other first responders. Since then, we have remained on the ground, helping people through the recovery and rebuilding process. Led by Ligaya Diaz, the IRD Philippines team is implemen... more

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New Life, New Hope: A Song for Pakistan

Mar 12 Posted by IRD HQ

The USAID-funded Conflict Victim Support Program team has created an original song, performed by Pakistani artist Zeek Afridi, to highlight the ways CVSP is restoring lives and providing new opportunities for conflict victims in Pakistan. Zeek Afridi is a natural talent from Khyber Agency in FATA, found and selected through USAID-OTI (Pakistan Transition Initiative). I... more

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International Women’s Day 2014

Mar 7 Posted by IRD HQ

A letter from our President and CEO, Dr. Arthur B. Keys, Jr. Tomorrow, March 8, IRD and much of the world celebrate International Women’s Day 2014, a recognition of female strength and achievement and a call to do much more to achieve gender equality. IRD’s commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women is manifested in the design and implementation of ea... more

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Friday’s Photo: Cash for Work and Fishing Livelihood Recovery in the Philippines

Feb 28 Posted by IRD HQ

In the Philippines, IRD cash-for-work programs employ local workers to restore areas damaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Male and female teams work to clear roads, remove dangerous structures, restore access to residential areas, separate out salvageable materials, and repair key infrastructure including schools and hospitals. IRD also provided repair kits to local fishermen that... more

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