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Thoughts on Leadership

Jul 28

Posted by Kris Manos, Interim President and CEO

My work in corporate management has focused on the combination of strategy, culture, and execution, which I believe builds strong organizations. I’ve observed firsthand three factors that keep organizations like IRD strong. First, I think they need to “be true” – to their mission, to their beneficiaries, and to their funders’ needs. IRD’s mission to help th... more

IRD Board Retains Search Firm to Recruit New CEO

Jul 26 Posted by IRD HQ

IRD Board Chairman Roland Johnson announced February 20 that IRD President and CEO Dr. Arthur B. Keys would retire August 31, 2014, from the organization he co-founded 16 years ago with his wife, Jasna Basaric-Keys. Under their leadership, IRD has grown from a few staff working in two countries to over 2,000 staff working in more than 40 countries. From its ea... more

Intern Stories: Brauck Cullen, Infrastructure

Jul 25 Posted by IRD HQ

Interning in IRD’s Infrastructure department has been an eye-opening experience. When I first started, I was not sure exactly what kind of work I would be doing but was excited for the opportunity to learn more about the international development field. In the first few weeks I have already worked on so many interesting projects. I’ve reviewed field reports... more

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A Global Solution for Business Intelligence and Control

Jun 24

Posted by Mladen Basaric, Director of Global Information and Technology

With programs in more than 30 countries, IRD works in challenging environments: conflict areas, natural and man-made disasters, and evolving policy environments. The long-term success of IRD’s mission rests on financial accountability to its donors and to the communities it serves. This means implementing projects well, putting in place effective internal cont... more

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IRD Participates in Transportation Seminar

Jun 24 Posted by IRD HQ

IRD participated in a transportation and wellness panel seminar sponsored by goDCgo, an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Thursday, June 19, at the Kaiser-Permanente Center for Total Health in Washington, DC. The discussion focused on sharing best practices and insights on “active transportation” initiatives covering bike commuting, pre-tax... more